A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

ISW is dead! It sucks for us, but it's great for ya'll into local multiplayer games. We've set the minimum price to ZERO so check it out if you got some controllers. Have fun with friends and look for whatever Sujan or I end up making next. Cheers! And long live indie games.

Early access now. See the Development Roadmap. Last Update 11/16/16

Grab a sword, axe, bow, bomb, shield, giant tombstone, goblin head on a stick, bottle of sticky stuff, sneakers, big honk'n hammers, or whatever else you can find and beat up your friends. Customize your character and brawl in this 4 player local free for all.

Combat Jr has already received a great public response, but we're in it for the long haul. Over the next year we will be adding new arenas and items, getting more tracks for the soundtrack, and making a full single player adventure. Please follow us @ISWbroadcast on twitter and instagram.

Sujan Bhaheetharan made code + all the hard stuff

Raphael Azcueta made the pixels, voxels, gameplay design + gameplay programming

Much thanks to Dense City, Zackery Wilson & SU Fresh for the tunes. Check out the soundtrack by here

Note: It is *highly* recommended to use a gamepad. CJr was tested with PS4, XBox 360, Logitech F310, PDP's XBox 360 Rock Candy controller, and (on Mac) PS3 controllers. Keyboard controls are detailed in the game forum.


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